How to Pest-proof Your Home to Prepare for The New Year? 

The best time to assess the condition of your house is the New Year. Do you have some repairs that must be performed? Do particular areas of your home require to be cleaned up? Once you wish to have a pest-proof and cleaner home as you welcome this year, below are some tips to help you achieve it.  


Your home exterior is the typical area where pests see a way to get in. Though it may never appear like it, modern homes usually have plenty of open areas that can be taken advantage of by the lurking pests. A lot of pests can actually fit through small holes that are similar to the coin’s size or even smaller. Moreover, a lot of them can pass through any environmental or landscape conditions are all over your house. Here are a few things you can attend to so that you can stop your exterior from attracting pests. 

Fix windows and screens 

When you have a screened-in porch, a screed door, or a window with holes or cracks, this can be a major point of entry for pests. Guarantee to patch up the torn mesh, repair any other gaps, and fix cracks in.  

Clean gutters 

When debris usually causes clutter of your gutters, this can be a major cause of pest infestation. From here, pests can find their way into your home through either your walls or roofs. Hence, guarantee to take some time clearing the twigs and leaves out of your gutter. Moreover, pay attention to the downspouts and drainage pipes of your gutters to guarantee that they won’t be giving and entryway for insects and pests to get in.  

Place your firewood stacks farther from your place 

Property owners who are into building wood stoves or fires in fireplace require to have their firewood stacked outside. Guarantee to keep your firewood approximately 20 ft. far from your home’s outer walls, and keep it on an elevates surface so it won’t be in close contact with the ground. But, the disadvantage to this is that pests can attempt to make your wood stacks as their home where they can propagate. Hence, you should always pay attention to whatever firewood that you have in your home to guarantee that it does not have some pests that live in it.  

Keep leaves and mulch away 

Leaves and mulch are the best of all types of pests because they are full of decaying plant matter and moisture that can be consumed, together with some small creatures that can be hunted. When you have a hedge or garden close to your house that you keep mulched, change or turn the mulch frequently to keep in uninviting to pests and fresh.  

Trim the bushes and branches 

Overhanging branches, plants, and bushes the hug your walls, and branches that get close to your house can serve similar to a bridge for any type of pest you can think of. But you can actually prevent this issue by trimming shrubbery and cutting back tree branches. 

For serious pest infestation in your home, contact a certified exterminator Memphis today.   

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